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Skinny are an original band with a unique, British sound. 

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Skinny's track 'Mr Bragg' gets featured on Mod Radio

"Can you tell me, what's in the news today".... (Mr Bragg -Skinny)

Certainly can. It's great to hear that those awfully decent chaps at Mod Radio have fallen in love with Mr Bragg and are featuring it on their station. Already heard it played, which is always a great feeling for an artist, and it sounds great - thank you kindly for the exposure (especially Mr Suave and Mark Ambrose) your support is very much appreciated.

Why do we love Mr Bragg? Well it's the track that Skinny always end their gigs with  (Think Charlatans and Spronston Green). It's probably the most powerful Skinny song in the set list. With a emotive storyline that everyone can relate to (well, we all know a Mr Bragg, right?) and a song that mixes all the best elements of the band together in one, heady rock, mod and indie stew, it's one of our fans favourites.

As we work to get more exposure for the album, 'That was then, this is now', it's nice to know there are folk around who get what we do, and love it as much as we do.

When someone says a track is 'Ace', that's worth more than money. And thats the feedback on Mr Bragg.


Skinny x