It's for the people who walk amongst us.

Skinny are an original band with a unique, British sound. 

So, this is Christmas. Well what have you done?

Always nice to share some good tidings with fellow music lovers, but as the new year has rolled past and the CD's received for Christmas have been uploaded onto iTunes (with said CD now redundantly packed away), it's worth sparing a thought for all those hard working muso's and song writers who put all their blood, sweat and dirty tears into the three minutes of madness people call a song.

Back in the good old days, a record was savoured. Not just the music - oh no. The whole package. You see, back then, in most cases you bought on what you saw. Was the sleeve relevant to you? Did it look 'rock' or 'mod' or show bagpipes (nothing wrong with bagpipes). Either way, what you purchased reflected a bit of you. And as you sat on the bus hope peeping a glimpse at what you hoped would be 'the one', you proudly got it out of the bag and let the world see that you, oh yes you, were the man who had the right music at the right time.

You were the chosen one.

And don't even get me started on the merits of the 'inner sleeve'. In many cases, that was more important than the record itself. Take, for instance, the Who and the original Quadrophenia album. Gatefold, double disc with photos and story to get you to understand what the tracks meant and outlining Jimmy's story of growing up and disillusionment with life (doubt nothing has changed for teenagers in the 30 years since it was launched).

What I'm saying is that back then, you had something to savour, that looked good, that you wanted to show off, that meant something, that... well, you get the picture.

Now a days? it's throwaway plastic that's glanced over once, uploaded and then put away to never see the light of day again.

With the surge of all things retro coming back, it's nice to hear that record (that's the round black things with a whole in the middle) are selling more than ever.

If you've never tried, go buy an single, album - any kind of vinyl and then, listen not for the music, but for the hiss, crackle and pop that is unique to every song and album made out of black plastic. When that needle hits that groove, a little magic starts to happen.

Viva the revolution... let's just make sure it's black and the cover looks DAMN great.