It's for the people who walk amongst us.

Skinny are an original band with a unique, British sound. 


Jason Fisher. Bob Branscombe. Karl Everett. Tom Rowlands.

Skinny are four lads from London who's blend of rock, mod, indie and BritPop have created a sound that's fresh, new and something that the world has been waiting for.

If you're looking for new music. Something different to the norm. Then check out Skinny.

Someone once said, Skinny have a very "British" sound, and that sums them up nicely.

Take the best bits of The Who, Cream, Stone Roses, Blur, The Bluetones, Beatles, Weller, Small Faces and mix it up with British Rock, MOR, Soul, 70's Mod and Punk Power Pop and you come 10% of the way in understanding the sound that Skinny have created.

The new Skinny album is out soon. Titled 'That was then, this is now' it contains eleven tracks to blow you away including 'Mr Bragg', 'Why it's modern of course' and the crowd pleaser, 'For the people'.

If you get the chance to see Skinny live, do it. Masterful, honest, alive and genuine. Something the music scene has not seen for a very, very long time.

Featured heavily on BBC Introducing, their music style sets them apart from the rest.

Are Skinny an Indie band?

Are Skinny a Mod band?

Are Skinny a Rock band?

Are Skinny kings of Britpop?

Hard to tell, but listen to the songs and you'll see that Skinny have a pinch of this, a touch of that and a whole helping of their own 'thing' to help create the sounds on this site and the forth coming album 'That was then, this is now'.

Yes, the obvious comparisons are The Who, Small Faces, The Bluetones  and even a little Oasis, but we dare you to say, "they totally sound like 'X'?" Nah, it just cannot be done.

And that's the sign of a great band.

Be influenced. Bring those influences together with four individual and very diverse personalities and see what you get. Skinny.